Opinión: Education, Not Walls! (Inglés)

En la opinión de: Marco I. Dávila
Twitter: @pormiraza1
The most conservative people in the United States are not in favor of immigration. Ok, that is understood, they are within their rights. But you have to ask them, “why do you show so much hate towards other people?”

You can be against immigration, but why so much racism? Why put undocumented immigration on the same level as “terrorism?” Why is there so much dread at the prospect of a plurality of ideas, a diversity of cultures and ways of living? Why believe that a part of the solution is to force immigrants through a totally dehumanizing experience, in the prisons or so-called “detention centers?” Why are they so eager to take citizenship away from the children of undocumented parents? Why dehumanize millions of people who have been labeled “illegal?” Why be so evil towards immigrant workers?

#immigrants. 1-small_6bdca3d2-391d-4b4c-9bb2-477ab9f220a3.jpg
According to the reasoning of immigrants’ most conservative enemies, when ICE agents rape an immigrant woman in a “detention center,” the rape victim “deserved it,” because they are an “illegal” immigrant, they broke the laws, and “the illegals have no rights.”

When the United States invades and meddles in the economy of a “third-world” country, why are conservatives in the United States so surprised by the outward migration provoked, in large part, by that invasion? Why are they so shameless as to attack immigrants and say that what is happening is a “third world invasion” of the United States?

#immigrants. 58. Art by Abdalla Al Omari.jpg

In these times filled with so much upheaval, we need less detention centers and more economic aid for workers. Less discrimination and more understanding. Less hate and more opportunities for all. Less dehumanization and more respect towards those who have less. Less injustice and more rights for everyone.

Less walls and more education.

Imagen: Abdallah Al-Omari

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